To coffee or not to coffee?

As a new mom there is a deluge of “things to do or not to do” , it’s exhausting. It’s an onslaught of late night google sessions for every possible symptom, decade old protocols, doctors’ opinions, and even total strangers offering their unsolicited advice. There are the obvious things like; don’t go bungee jumping,

Umbilical Cords connect us.

Umbilical Cords connect us.

It is just a cord, a little piece of flesh, often thrown away after it has served its purpose of connecting the baby to the nourishing body of the mother. But its roots are strong, and its connection point on the baby, the whole in each and every belly, remains with us the rest of our lives, reminding us of the connection that once was there.

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother and Baby

One of the things I love most about the birth center is witnessing the transformation from Excited & Expecting into Mother. Becoming a mother takes many months of preparation, uncomfortable growing pains as organs actually move out of the way to make space for the baby inside, living spaces get sorted and rooms repurposed. Energetically, there is a reorganization and shifting of priorities. Then the big day happens and a wet squirmy baby is placed into expectant arms. In that moment, when the shock is fresh, there's often a stunned look of disbelief, and then slowly over the next hour or sometimes week they fall head over heels, completely in love- and a Mother is born.  I have so much admiration and respect for this process and for Mothers everywhere. Happy Mother's Day. 

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